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The Madison Wears Its Sunglasses At Night; Annual MadiSCENE Fundraiser Fills K Street Lounge!

By Daniel Swartz on July 18, 2011
The Board of The Madison nonprofit organization.
The Board of The Madison nonprofit organization.
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The Guest List:
Adrienne Kean, Alex Gagn√ɬ©: 1 | 2, Alfredo Flores, Allison Prescott: 1 | 2, Andrew Kovalcin, Atila Omer, Carissa Maguire, Carolyn Palowitch, Cori Sue Morris, Eric Neuhaus, Erin Brennan: 1 | 2, Erin Korte, Kaveh Abtahi, Krista Johnson, Kristen Murdock: 1 | 2 | 3, Lauren Spivey, Lindsey Becker, Lorena Trejo, Lorena Trejo, Maggie Pitts: 1 | 2 | 3, Marybeth Coleman: 1 | 2, Maureen Shanahan, Meredith Williams Allin, Molly McGlynn, Pat Casey, Peter Jansen: 1 | 2, Rachael Juliette: 1 | 2, Stephanie Fontenot, Tate Yost: 1 | 2, Todd Flournoy, Whitney Kuhn
NORTHWEST -- With bold dress colors on display and appropriately dark sunglasses perched on their heads, the young women that make up the tight knit professional, civic, and social organization known as The Madison hosted its second largest fundraiser of the year on Saturday night, with a playful, club-themed dance party.

Held inside the dimly lit walls of K Street Lounge, the weekendís ďMadiSCENEĒ event drew roughly 100 or so guests, with Madison members and their dates benefiting from an exclusive early admission policy before the club opened its doors to the general public for the evening.

Proceeds from the occasion will be donated to the No Greater Sacrifice nonprofit organization, in order to provide scholarships and resources to improve the quality of life of the children of both wounded and fallen military service members.

Each year, members of The Madison select one charity on which they can focus the bulk of their fundraising efforts. Many well-known nonprofits, including Susan G. Komen For The Cure and StreetWise Partners, have benefited from The Madisonís hard work over the years.

To learn more about The Madison or apply to become a member (membership is capped at 100 young women), please visit the organizationís website.

Be sure to check out all 85 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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