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Rogue Sessions Presents Chefs José Andrés & Rubén García!

By Daniel Swartz on February 8, 2012
(R-L) Chef Rubén García prepares a special 'Ferrero Rocher' bite with Chef Diego Caro.
(R-L) Chef Rubén García prepares a special 'Ferrero Rocher' bite with Chef Diego Caro.
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BLAGDEN ALLEY -- Already the equivalent of foodie nirvana among Washington area diners, a dozen of the imaginative dishes from minibar by José Andrés temporarily found themselves on the menu of Rogue 24, as ThinkFoodGroup Director of Research & Development Rubén García took charge of the restaurant for the fourth installment of the restaurant’s exclusive 8-week culinary series dubbed ‘Rogue Sessions’.

Almond tart/blue cheese/passion fruit.

A native of Terrassa, Spain, García hopped the Atlantic to work for Andrés after stints at Michelin-starred Jean Luc Figueras, Martín Berasategui, and elBulli and quickly rose to become ThinkFoodGroup’s second-in-command, with leadership today over the kitchens at all of the company’s expansive stable of restaurants, including the storied minibar outpost.

Olive oil bon bon/caramel.

And when his culinary creativity and avant-garde cooking style was briefly married to Rogue 24’s already well-reviewed small plate menu last week, the resulting 5-day dining experiences quickly sold-out in a matter of hours.

Cheftender Bryan Tetorakis’ ‘No Gin & Tonic’.

The self-described culinary journey, as prepared by Garcia, was as follows:
  • Course 1: House fried rice/duck/vegetables/soy/sesame
  • Course 2: Olive oil bon bon/caramel
  • Course 3: Kimchi cracklins/smoked trout roe

  • Course 4: Dragon’s breath kettlecorn
  • Course 5: Fruit roll-up/raspberry/yogurt
  • Course 6: Sheep’s milk yogurt/eggplant/sumac/olive oil

    Baby carrots/thai curry/black sesame.

  • Course 7: Ferrero rocher
  • Course 8: Chicken noodle soup/dumpling/broth
  • Course 9: Almond tart/blue cheese/passion fruit

  • Course 10: Sweetbread/pistachio ravioli/truffle fonduta
  • Course 11: Egg/dashi/migas
  • Course 12: Pan negre/sea urchin/black sesame

    Ferrero rocher.

  • Course 13: Basil-fed snails/potato/ham/black trumpet
  • Course 14: Swordfish/mortared scale/cara cara orange/olive/samphire
  • Course 15: Pig/cabbage/juniper/apple cider vinegar

  • Course 16: Philly cheese steak/wagyu/white cheddar/caramelized onions
  • Course 17: Ox tongue/sourdough/mostarda/bitter herbs
  • Course 18: Shabu shabu/short rib/aromatic broth

    Philly cheese steak/wagyu/white cheddar/caramelized onions.

  • Course 19: Adam & Eve/apple/foie gras/peanut butter/jelly
  • Course 20: Baby carrots/thai curry/black sesame
  • Course 21: Late night chicken shawarma

  • Course 22: Pan con chocolate/saffron/olive oil
  • Course 23: Tierramisu/mascarpone/espresso/chocolate
  • Course 24: Happy endings/little things/small bites

The fifth week of Rogue Sessions is now in progress with Blackbird Chef David Posey. Reservations, while sold-out, were available via the Gilt City, Washington D.C. website.

Be sure to check out all 21 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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