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Ed Gillespie Headlines NextGen GOP Launch Party; Young Republicans Seek To Expand VA Party Outreach

By The Team on September 23, 2014
Photo: Phil Tran
Photo: Phil Tran
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All photography by Phil Tran.

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Republican organizations aren't typically known for having young members, but then again NextGen GOP doesn't strive to be a typical Republican group. And earlier this week, more than two hundred young professionals packed Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill to celebrate the organization's launch, which seeks to form a coalition that represents the next generation of the Virginia Republican Party.

Guests had the opportunity to eat, drink, and learn about NextGen GOP's efforts, and hear from current U.S. Senate candidate and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie. His speech focused on expanding the party's outreach efforts beyond historical demographics and was especially well received by the audience.

NextGen GOP was founded and is led by a group of rising young Republicans. The statewide network of millennials has a game plan to help rebuild the Republican Party in Virginia. NextGen GOP, in particular, has a fresh new message based on its five core beliefs that reflect what it believes to be the common-sense values of a majority of Virginian voters under the age of 40.

In the status quo, most young adults either don't know how to get meaningfully involved in politics or feel that they are too busy. But the Republican Party can't begin to reflect the values of millennials until millennials actually start participating. NextGen GOP hopes to solve these problems by removing the hassle of getting involved.

Consider it the new elephant in the room.

Be sure to check out all 47 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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