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Chris Tucker Stops By W Washington, D.C. Hotel’s Inaugural Rooftop Karaoke Night!

By Daniel Swartz on October 21, 2011
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The Guest List:
NORTHWEST -- During an event that started with a commanding rendition of Cee Lo’s “Forget You” by a man who traveled all the way from Bowie, MD, crescendoed with a surprise in-person visit by Rush Hour film series star Chris Tucker, and ended with Pink’s “Who Knew”, the W Washington, D.C. kicked-off its inaugural rooftop karaoke session on Thursday evening.

With 94.7 Fresh FM morning drivetime radio personality Tommy McFLY serving as host, guests to the hotel’s award-winning rooftop lounge, P.O.V, were invited to sing, croon, rap, and, uh, wail during a multi-hour sing-off that ran well past its scheduled 10:00pm end time.

Host Tommy McFLY.

“Karaoke at the W Hotel… Two things you wouldn't normally think would go together, but wow last night was off the hook,” said McFLY. “Can’t wait for the next [one]!”

Specially-priced $10.00 signature cocktails, such as the “One Hit Wonder” and “Limelight”, were in heavy demand as the crowd happily tapped into some liquid courage in order to take the stage, which boasted a sweeping view of the Washington Monument as a backdrop.

After Half Yard Productions' Daniela Kelley belted-out a spirited version of the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Tucker told her that, “If Will Smith heard that, he'd have died."

“Which could be both good and bad,” jokingly added Kelley.

After a debut like that of last night, clearly we won’t be hearing Rooftop Karaoke’s swan song anytime soon!

Be sure to check out all 58 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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