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Bachelors & Spinsters Ball Singles Out Longstanding Georgetown Tradition!

By Daniel Swartz on April 23, 2012
Be sure to check out all 212 of our photographs from this event HERE!
The Guest List:
Adair Hendrickson, Alex Auman: 1 | 2 | 3, Alex Burns: 1 | 2, Alexandra Victoria, Alfredo Flores, Aly Teich, Alyssa Farah, Amanda Granson, Amy Strope: 1 | 2, Ashton Theodore Randle, Atila Omer: 1 | 2, Brian Bann: 1 | 2, Brittany May: 1 | 2, Brittany Shields: 1 | 2, Brooke A. Henderson: 1 | 2, Carissa Maguire, Caroline Gould, Charlotte Fouch, Chris Borgeson, Christine Casey, Christopher Chip Dent, Courtney Abrams, Dan Hartenstine, Daniel Swartz, Davey Ahearn: 1 | 2, David Anderson, Diana Nash, Fritz Brogan, Jennifer Nobil, Jessica James Golden, Jessica Porter, Jim Rayborn, Jon Rubin, Jordan Haas: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4, Josie Taylor: 1 | 2, Julie Collins: 1 | 2, Justin Fishkin, Kara Horton, Kate Henvey, Kathleen Kenney, Kenneth D Suarez: 1 | 2, Kirsten Good, Krista Johnson: 1 | 2 | 3, Laura Johnson: 1 | 2, Laurelie Bass Wallace: 1 | 2, Lauren Moore: 1 | 2, Lolly Amons, Makeda Saggau-Sackey, Margaret Chadbourn, Mary-Kate Rasa, Matt Gerber, Matt Vredenburgh, Maureen Beach, Megan Leigh Williams, Meredith Collins Casey: 1 | 2, Meredith Fiorentino, Michael Brody, Mike Ferraguto, Molly Fox, Natalie Grigorian Carmona, Natalie Young, Nicki Pascal Bunting: 1 | 2, Randall Casper, Ray Regan: 1 | 2, Richard Scully, Ryan Seelbach, Sam Farnum, Sam Wolfe, Sarah Valerio: 1 | 2 | 3, Scott Nguyen, Sery E. Kim, Tracy Phillips, Tristin Elizabeth Monroe, Vivian Leslie, Wright Sigmund
GEORGETOWN -- Married D.C. couples might reap the benefits of matrimonal bliss throughout the rest of the year, but Saturday night firmly belonged to the city’s ‘legally single’ as the annual Bachelors and Spinsters Ball returned to Georgetown’s historic City Tavern Club.

A Washington tradition that dates back to the 1940s, the black tie ball sees close to 500 guests (some returning to D.C. from New York and Boston just for the occasion) don their finest tuxedos and gowns for a memorable evening that playfully celebrates the single life.

In addition to the requisite ‘dance and early breakfast’, attendees were treated to a variety of surprises this year courtesy of ball chairmen Christopher van Roijen and Chris Larsin and the event’s host committee.

And while the red-tinged Grey Goose Cherry Noir grove and Barefoot Wine bar on the Club’s second floor were certainly popular destinations, it had to be this year’s colorful oxygen station located adjacent to the dance floor that delighted most.

Between refreshing doses of pure oxygen and chilled bottles of either vitaminwater or Heineken, guests liberally packed City Tavern’s Great Hall as they bobbed and weaved to a barrage of popular cover songs performed by local R&B/soul band Souler Power.

A bagpipe salute opened this year's ball as a tribute to two former ball hosts who passed away in the last year.

While it’s widely understood that the Bachelors and Spinsters Ball is first and foremost 'just' a social event, the organizers always try to incorporate a charitable component into the fun. To such an end, host committee members tapped their extensive connections to put together a comprehensive silent auction for guests, with all proceeds earmarked for TAPS.

Founded in 1994, TAPS serves as a self-described ‘front line resource’ to the families and loved ones of U.S. service members. The nonprofit acts as a 24/7 resource for anyone who has suffered the loss of a military loved one, regardless of the relationship. TAPS was also the beneficiary charity for last year’s Bachelors and Spinsters Ball.

Wedded bliss might now, of course, be back in favor, but at least D.C. singles had their night. And if history is any indicator, they will assuredly have many more in the years to come!

Be sure to check out all 212 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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